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SIZE 16.7*30CM
Material: white porcelain

Charcoal burning wood base, refined white porcelain.

The body of Dehua white porcelain is dense, transparent, glazed white and colored.Warm and moist as jadeIn 1921, the effect of jade-like jade on porcelain was achieved.

The glaze color of Dehua white porcelain is different from that of other white porcelain in that the glaze color of Dehua white porcelain is white,

Can do furnishing articles already, also can do hang. Careful design, ingenious union, to do to hang or furnishing articles, follow one’s inclinations by your combination.

Dehua white porcelain of the fetal bone fine soft and strong, commonly known as “glutinous rice tire”, with glittering and translucent luster, the glaze water clean uniform thickness and the fetal bone union closely integrated, the color is warm and jade, clear and smooth.




The hole that the back reserves, also can make pendant.


  • Brand Name: kurisuta
  • Material: Ceramic & Enamel
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